What They Don’t Tell You About Invisalign: Part 2

Our orthodontists here in Loughborough love Invisalign – and so do our patients. But despite its worldwide fame (and having straightened over 1 million smiles globally), there are lots of people who still don’t know about this incredible, innovative and most of all invisible treatment.

This is the second part of our post about what they don’t tell you about Invisalign, so read on to find out more… Part 1 here!

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Woman putting Invisalign braces into mouth

1. Invisalign treatment can fix every type of bite problem

While many patients choose Invisalign because they want generally straighter teeth, others look to adult braces due to a dental concern. One thing they can help treat is bite problems. These can vary from the common overbite (where the top teeth hang over the bottom teeth) to less common, but equally problematic, concerns such as an open bite (where the teeth don’t touch when closed) and crossbite (which is a part overbite, part underbite). All kinds of bite problems can lead to wear and tear on the teeth, and may also generate pain in the jaw or other areas. Sometimes, chewing and speech can even be affected. 

2. Invisalign is ideal for teens

While most think of Invisalign as adult braces, there is a teen option available, too. In fact, it’s ideal for teenagers, because it’s clear and therefore less noticeable than other types of brace (such as the metal wire and bracket variety). Also, unlike traditional fixed braces, Invisalign is removable, giving kids much more freedom and flexibility. Thankfully, Invisalign has incorporated a special indicator on teen braces so you know they’re being worn for the right amount of time.

3. You might forget you’re wearing it

Adult braces aren’t known for being exceptionally comfortable – they’re often considered a necessity more than anything else. However, comfort really counts when it’s something you’ll be wearing for hours at a time on sensitive parts of the mouth, like the gums – so Invisalign prides itself on being comfortable and kind on the teeth.

While some patients do report slight pressure on their teeth when they change to a new set of aligners, overall, these teeth straightening treatments is considered much more comfortable than fixed braces.

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