Braces for teenagers


Your teenage son or daughter may be concerned about how they will look whilst wearing a brace, but at least he or she will be in good company. We provide a lot of teenagers with braces for teeth straightening here in Loughborough. Giving young people a chance to correct their teeth before they become adults means they can embrace a new world of further education and careers with a confident smile. We offer quite a range of different teenage braces in Loughborough.

Chat to our friendly team about our teeth straightening options in Loughborough by calling 01509 261006 or by visiting our contact page. We can help you and your teenager find the teeth straightening method that works for them.

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Straight teeth

What are my brace options?

  • Fixed Braces – Traditional metal braces are fast, strong and reliable teeth straightening procedure for teenagers.
  • Invisalign® – Invisalign is a great brace option for teenagers who don’t want people to know that they are wearing braces. They are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating, brushing and special occasions!
  • Clear Braces – Clear ceramic braces are a great option for teenagers who need the strength and reliability of fixed braces, but want a more discrete option than metal braces.
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Real Results

The treatment gave me confidence from start to finish. I wish I’d done it years ago. You do not realise how important your smile is. Invisalign has had a massive impact on my life: I smile confidently, I look better in photographs –my teeth aren’t an obsession anymore. The results were everything I imagined.

Smile Confidence


If you are under 18, your NHS braces in Loughborough are free. If you are accepted as an NHS patient, please bear in mind that your choices are more limited. You will not have access to appointments outside of designated hours and metal brackets, not clear ceramic brackets, are used for fixed braces.

We can replace lost braces, but please be aware that a fee will be incurred.

You shouldn’t experience discomfort with any of our braces in Loughborough, but it may take a few days for you to get used to them. Immediately after being fitted, they might feel tight. If the braces still feel too tight (or too loose) after a week, get in touch.

The NHS waiting list is 18-24 months long. We appreciate some might not want to wait that long so private options are available.

The length of time required to correct teeth varies with each individual patient. The average time period is 18 to 24 months.

If minor damage occurs to your braces, please ring us during office hours to arrange a repair appointment if appropriate. If the damage is serious, your mouth is in pain and it’s out of office hours, please call us on the emergency number.

We recommend that you avoid sweets and other sticky foods, as well as nuts and overly crunchy foods. These types of foods can damage the braces. Your dentist will outline all aftercare with you before you begin treatment for teeth straightening in Loughborough.