Your Consultation

Your consultation

Whether you are thinking of beginning a new treatment at our Loughborough dental practice, or you’re just signing up for our books as a new patient, there are many situations where our professional dentists will require a patient consultation.

It costs just £50 to book your consultation, offering fantastic value for money as you’re guaranteed one-to-one time with our team and the chance to ask any questions you need about the treatment, results and our approach.

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The benefits

Our consultations benefit both the patient and the professional. There are absolutely no sales techniques used, just clear options and honest advice. Find out more about the benefits of a consultation with us below.

  • Dedicated, one-to-one time with a dental professional
  • Talk through your dental history and preferred treatments to create a personal treatment plan
  • Scan, X-rays and photos included
  • No pressure or obligation to book a treatment
  • Professional and honest at all times
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All our patients benefit from our extensive consultations. Not only do they put you in a room with a dental professional who can guide you through your treatment choices and make personal recommendations, but it’s a chance to familiarise yourself with the procedure, our clinic and our team. Whatever the question, just ask and we’ll do our best to advise you honestly.

Yes. We can’t recommend treatments to you unless we know about your dental history through official records and examining your oral health. We put all our patients first, so want to ensure you know what’s available to you and what could benefit you.

No, absolutely not. We’re committed to patient care and will always prioritise your health over chasing profits or making recommendations that wouldn’t be of benefit. It’s the reason we’re such a central part of the Loughborough community and have received so many positive patient testimonials through the years.

Whatever the consultation, there’s never any obligation to go through with the treatment. The decision entirely rests on your shoulders. This means that sometimes, our patients choose not to go ahead with a procedure — and that’s their right. But, it does mean we need to account for the time our team spend on planning treatments and talking through your options. That’s why we charge a small, £50 fee for any consultation at our dental practice.

This part of the consultation helps us build a picture of your mouth, teeth, jaw and gums, and the condition of your smile as it is now. This assessment can help with treatment recommendations, or conversely could rule out a treatment you’ve been considering.