What Not To Eat With Clear Braces

Getting clear braces? Or do you already have them? Whatever the case, you no doubt want to know a few ins and outs of the treatment, including whether you need to make any adjustments to your diet. In this post, we’ll cover lots of helpful information around the topic of clear braces, so you feel more informed about your treatment.

What are clear braces?

First, let’s talk about what these clever braces are. With Invisalign being a leading name in the industry, they’re clear acrylic (plastic) aligners that are moulded to your teeth, at each stage of treatment. They easily slip in and out of your mouth and are super discreet, too.

Why have clear braces?

Our patients love how great these braces are. Not only is treatment predictable – you’ll see 3D impressions of how your smile will look during and after – but they’re so easy to look after. Even teens like them, thanks to their discreet clear appearance.

What can you eat?

Well, this is a bit of a trick question. You can eat anything you like – as long as you remove them first. And, as we’ve touched on, they’re really easy to take in and out! All that’s left to do then is give them a rinse and perhaps brush your teeth before popping them back in.

How long do you have to wear clear braces?

Usually, 20-22 hours per day, or as your orthodontist advises you. It’s important not to have any breaks during your treatment, too, as these can delay the overall process or cause teeth to move back into their old positions.

Do you have to wear retainers with clear braces?

Yes, after treatment, most people will need retainers. This keeps the teeth lovely and straight. In many cases, our patients only need to wear retainers at night.

Can you have clear braces if you’ve had braces before?

Of course, subject to our usual suitability checks during the consultation process.

Are clear braces painful?

No. Aside from feeling slight pressure when you change aligners, you shouldn’t notice any discomfort wearing them. They’re far more comfortable on the mouth, teeth and gums than standard fixed braces.

What’s my next step?

Wherever you are in your braces process, our orthodontists are here for you. Simply call us on 01509 261006 or message us via our contact page to book in at our Loughborough practice.

Wanting more?

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