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Retainers will help you maintain your new smile

Retainers are ideal for preventing your teeth from moving away from their new, straightened position after treatment. Retainers are custom-made for your mouth and fitted after your braces have been removed. You can also choose to have a fixed and/or removable retainer. Fixed retainers are glued to the back of your teeth and can’t be seen when you smile. Removable retainers consist of a clear slim mouthguard that fits your teeth. Both types will ensure your beautiful new smile remains unchanged.

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What are Retainers?

Fixed or Removable

We offer the full range of fixed and removable retainers to all patients depending on their individual needs.


By wearing retainers long-term we can reduce these age changes in the position of the teeth. The longer you wear retainers, the longer you can keep your teeth straight.


There are two reasons for wearing retainers:

  • Teeth tend to want to move back towards their original positions. This is called relapse.
  • As we get older our teeth may start to move unpredictably, often showing some crossing over and increased in crowding.

Success Stories

  • Orthodontic Success stories

    The treatment gave me confidence from start to finish. I wish I’d done it years ago. You don’t realise how important your smile is. Invisalign has had a massive impact on my life: I smile confidently, I look better in photographs –my teeth aren’t an obsession anymore. The results were everything I imagined.

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