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Surprising Facts About Invisalign Braces

At Loughborough Orthodontics, we’re always keen to get involved with the latest and greatest advances in orthodontics. We’ve been offering our patients Invisalign braces in Loughborough for some time now, yet there are still aspects to the treatment – and technology – which our patients don’t know about. Today, we’ll share some of them, and explain why this teeth-straightening procedure comes so highly recommended.

Invisalign braces: a global treatment

Incredibly, Invisalign braces are used in 45 countries around the world – making it a popular choice across Europe, Asia, the US and beyond. With millions reportedly using these adult braces, it’s really a testament to Invisalign’s effectiveness.

Straighten teeth – even with crowns

Good news – straightening out a smile with the odd crown isn’t usually a problem during Invisalign treatment. Of course, the first stage of treatment involves a careful assessment, so your dentist will talk you through what’s involved and confirm whether these adult braces in Loughborough are suitable for your unique smile.

Switch your adult braces to Invisalign

If you’re already undergoing a teeth straightening treatment and want to make the switch to Invisalign, there may be some cases where you’ll be suitable to swap treatments, or use a combination. Again, your dentist can confirm this for you during your assessment.

Options for teens and adults

Not just adult braces, Invisalign teen option comes with a discreet blue dot indicator to show the aligners are being worn for the recommended time, while the My Invisalign Smile app lets you ‘capture and compare’ your smile, gives you support during treatment and helps you share your experience on social media – perfect for teens.

You’ll have a brand new smile for life

Providing you wear your clear aligners for 22 hours each day, and follow your treatment as directed, you’ll have your perfect smile at the end of the procedure. You’ll then be given a set of retainers to ensure your teeth stay straight – giving you that perfect smile, for life.

Sign up for Invisalign today

Treatment here at Loughborough Orthodontics couldn’t be simpler. We’ll assess your smile, show you an animation of how your teeth will change, and have your custom-made aligners created. We’ll then be here for you throughout your treatment, to ensure you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Get in touch with us today and find out more about this revolutionary teeth-straightening in Loughborough, and how we can help you on the journey to a beautifully straight smile.

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