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Quick Tips For Cleaning Braces

So you’ve started orthodontic treatment – congratulations! In no time at all, you’ll be ready to reveal a gorgeous new smile that’s beautifully straight and ready to take on the world. But in the meantime, you’ll want to know all there is to know about caring for your new braces – especially how to clean them. 

In this post, our Orthodontist shares some quick tips for cleaning all kinds of braces, so you can feel happy and confident throughout your treatment. 

Invisalign braces & retainers

These clear braces are a fantastic way to treat straight teeth – they’re so discreet that most people won’t spot them on your smile! They’re also extremely easy to keep clean, especially as you don’t wear them while eating. You’ll need to brush and floss your teeth as normal, and soak your aligners (or retainers) in a special solution during the times you aren’t wearing them (this is made up with special Invisalign crystals). Your Orthodontist can give you more detailed advice on how to clean your appliances, and what to avoid (as they’re clear braces, certain substances could actually damage their clarity and cause staining). 

Lingual braces

It can be tricky to properly clean your lingual braces – after all, they’re fastened to the back surface of the front teeth. Interdental brushes are an essential bit of kit for lingual braces, as they help in tight spots and can be easier to manoeuvre than floss. You can also invest in an electric toothbrush for an extra bit of help, or a water flosser to get those hard-to-reach areas. Your Orthodontist can show you some tricks for cleaning these tricky braces. 

Fixed metal braces 

First, ensure you have the right type of brush. You’ll need one that’s soft-bristled for general cleaning, plus a proxabrush (a type of interdental brush) to use between the braces. As with your natural teeth, a fluoride toothpaste is the best option, and it’s fine to use a sensitive brand if desired. Don’t forget to tackle the areas in and around the braces – it’s more likely for plaque to build up here. Floss can also help get any last remnants clear of your teeth. 

Other tips…

Whatever your brace type, these are some great bits of advice from our Orthodontists:

– Brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth too
– If wearing fixed or lingual braces, brush straight after eating 
– Children and teens may need help or encouragement with caring for their braces
– Mouthwash can help keep your teeth clean and fresh at other times of day

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