Dental Implants in Loughborough: Everything You Need to Know

At our dental practice in Loughborough, we see patients daily who would benefit from dental implant treatment. More common – and successful – than you might think, dental implants are a great choice for people who have missing teeth, whatever the cause. If you’re suitable, our Loughborough dentists will help guide you through every stage of treatment, including pre and post-care, but in the meantime? This blog can be a great starter for now.

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Why replace missing teeth?

People opt for tooth implants for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they’re struggling to eat and chew normally, and their diets need changing. Dental implants can help your bone structure as missing teeth can create a more sunken, aged appearance around the mouth. And in almost all cases we see, gaps in the smile can affect confidence and quality of life. A dental implant can correct all these problems and is a small price to pay for the health and happiness of your smile.

It’s also worth mentioning that tooth loss – especially in the case of several missing teeth – can cause gums and jawbone to recede over time, which in turn presents even more problems.

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Why use dental implants?

It’s a simple answer really; dental implants are permanent. That doesn’t mean they only last a few years before they fall out. It means they can be in your mouth for a lifetime. Of course, you will need to care for them properly (regular check-ups, twice-daily oral care). You might also be surprised to hear that tooth implants can be closely matched to the shade of your smile for a more natural look. Modern dentistry is a far cry from the plastic-looking false teeth of the past!

What happens during dental implant treatment at Loughborough Orthodontics?

You’ll first need to book a dental consultation with our team in Loughborough. We always do this because sometimes, there can be other issues; the treatment may not be possible; and of course, you want to feel happy and comfortable using our dental practice here in Loughborough. A consultation helps us all make the right choices and be confident in our approach.

Assuming you can have treatment, we will begin the dental implant process. This process involves:

  • Placing a small incision in the gum to create a small hole.
  • When then place the metallic root of the implant into your jaw. Over time, the surface of the implant will fuse to your jaw; known as osseointegration.
  • We will then place a temporary crown on the implant.
  • Once healed, we will place a permanent crown on the implant. After this, you are free to enjoy your brand-new smile.

It might sound painful, but because we use a local anaesthetic, discomfort is kept to a minimum. Our Loughborough specialists will also advise you on how to care for your new implant and ensure the treatment is a success. This includes things like foods to avoid and cleaning techniques.

The dental implant process at our Loughborough dental practice will typically take between 1 – 2 hours for each implant to be placed.

Ouch! Are dental implants painful?

During your dental implant procedure at Loughborough Orthodontics, your nerves will be numbed so you shouldn’t feel any pain. As the titanium screw is inserted, you feel may occasional pressure. Should you suffer from extreme dental anxiety, we do offer conscious sedation. 

Can dental implants be removed?

The short answer: is yes, they can be removed.

At our Loughborough dental clinic, we would normally only remove dental implants if there is an infection, loose implant, your body rejects the implant, displacement, or it somehow affects your facial nerves. Infections can mostly be avoided as they are caused by poor oral hygiene and smoking – something we heavily advise against at Loughborough Orthodontics.

Are dental implants noticeable?

Considering how realistic dental implants at our Loughborough dental practice look, it’s unlikely anyone will notice the difference. And our dentists won’t tell if you don’t!

Too expensive? How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants varies throughout the UK, with the average ranging from £1,400 per tooth. We’ll be able to give you more information at your consultation.

At Loughborough Orthodontics, we offer two main finance plans for anyone wanting to pay the cost of tooth implants over time.

  • 0% interest option for up to 12 months with a minimum deposit of 15% (total cost of treatment)
  • 9.9% interest option – paid over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months and no deposit required.

Book a consultation with our dental team today to further discuss payment plans so you can get your dream smile.

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