How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Have you been living with tooth loss? Are you looking to restore your smile to its former glory? Are you anxious about several gaps in your smile caused by tooth extractions or missing teeth? Whatever your concerns, our expert dental team here in Loughborough can help. Knowledgeable, precise and skilled, we carry out dental implants regularly on patients in and around Loughborough and would love the chance to help restore your smile, too.

Today, our Loughborough orthodontists talk through the many advantages of treatment; why patients opt for dental implants; healing times and other concerns; and, of course, how long you can expect your new tooth implants to last. Let’s get into it.

Dental implants explained

First, let’s touch on what dental implants are and what they’re made of. Dental implants have two parts–a metal root and a porcelain crown. The metal helps to fuse with your underlying jaw bone during healing, while the crown is the same material we use for restorative crowns and filling treatments, and looks very realistic. Treatment is done in two parts because the root must fuse before the crown can be placed

Treatment expectations

Many of our patients in Loughborough ask us about the treatment process and whether tooth implants are painful, as well as concerns about how long it takes for them to heal. Dental implants are classed as minor dental surgery, so will be placed under a local anaesthetic for comfort. As for healing, you can expect this to take several months, and our expert team can advise on a few dos and don’ts during this period

Dental implant longevity

Our patients always wonder how long dental implants last. The good news is, that with the right dental health routine in place, and check-ups at regular intervals with our Loughborough dentists, they can last a lifetime. That’s because they’re made of high-quality and durable materials; are expertly placed in your mouth, and have an extremely high success rate (over 90%). However, one word of warning: tooth implants aren’t indestructible and the crown can fracture or crack under pressure, and also potentially have a problem with the root part of the tooth implant. Both these situations are quite rare, however.

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