Can I Straighten Teeth Without Braces?

Metal wires. Brackets. Elastics. Headgear. These are all images conjured up by our minds when we think of ‘orthodontics’ or ‘orthodontist’. But, here at Loughborough Orthodontics, we think there’s a better way to straighten teeth: Invisalign aligners.

What’s an aligner?

It’s a removable plastic tray that fits over your teeth. Unlike braces, it’s not attached permanently to your smile and the material used is flexible and comfortable. Also, there’s no adjusting needed, as to keep moving your teeth, you simply cycle through aligners. Invisalign is one of the leading names in aligner treatment.

Should I try an Invisalign to straighten my teeth?

Aligners are much more flexible for treatment than fixed braces, simply because you can remove them. This means you can eat what you like; clean your apparatus and teeth more easily; and even pop your Invisalign aligner out for short breaks now and then (just make sure you have 20-22 hours’ wear each day). 

Do Invisalign aligners hurt?

No, as they’re tailored to your smile. You might be wondering how they can be custom-made throughout your care, or think this might involve lots of trips to the orthodontist, but actually the process involves using 3D scanning to plot your treatment and how your teeth will shift – and the aligners are made accordingly. 

What benefits are there to an Invisalign aligner?

Comfort, flexibility, removability and – the big one – invisibility. That’s right; Invisalign aligners are clear plastic, and hardly noticeable on your smile. Best of all, Invisalign even makes them for teens.

You mentioned ‘options’ – what else is there to straighten my teeth?

Here are what other treatments we offer to straighten teeth here at Loughborough Orthodontics:

Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces – clear brackets bonded to teeth, giving discreet treatment and resisting stains while ensuring a comfortable treatment with minimal irritation or rubbing on the gums. 

3M Incognito Lingual Braces – back-of-teeth braces that can’t be seen from the front. These use wires attached to gold plates that move the teeth from behind. Again, they’re discreet and comfortable to wear. 

Retainers – once you’ve straightened your smile, these keep your new positions in check. Your orthodontist will advise you on how often to wear them. In many cases, patients wear them for several hours each day, reducing to wear overnight, but every smile is different.

How do I get aligners?

Just ask! We’ll book a consultation and then go from there. We couldn’t be more excited to help you start your straight-teeth journey. 

Wanting more?

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