Which Braces Are Best For Me?

There are few things in life as precious and unique as your smile. But so many people live with one that’s crooked or crowded, purely because they’re unaware of the adult braces available.

When we think of braces, we picture metal wires and brackets – but orthodontics has moved on and there’s a great range on the market now, with something to suit every need. If you’re considering adult braces in or around Loughborough, then read on for which options could work for you.

A quick guide to braces

First of all, we’ll outline the different brands we offer at our Loughborough orthodontist studio. Then, we’ll consider various scenarios which might impact your choice. Without further ado, here’s what’s on offer:

Invisalign – these are clear, comfortable and removable Invisalign braces that look similar to retainers. They simply fit over your smile and move your teeth incrementally – so you’ll have to cycle through various sets to get your finished result.

Traditional braces – fixed metal, are often the most cost-effective option, but also the most obvious to others. They use brackets and wires and need adjusting throughout treatment.

Clarity Advanced – these are fixed braces which use a see-through ceramic material, making them a discreet option.

Incognito – these are a type of lingual brace, which is fastened to the back of the teeth. This makes them ‘invisible’ to others. They’re also fixed in place, using wires and brackets.

Which adult brace should you try?

I want something discreet – nearly all our adult braces are a discreet option, but Invisalign is perhaps the most discreet of all as it can be removed.

I want quick treatment treatment time varies between individuals, but Invisalign says their braces are faster than traditional braces. Invisalign also plots your treatment and results, and creates sets of aligners accordingly – you’ll therefore have a clear picture of how long your adult brace treatment will take.

I want something I can removeInvisalign is the only removable brace our orthodontists offer.

I want something cheapwhile traditional fixed braces are often considered to be the most cost-effective choice, this changes when you consider Invisalign’s speedy treatment times. While our orthodontists understand that the cost is important, we would advise to never choose a treatment based on price alone.

Invisalign, traditional braces and clear braces guide

Talk to our orthodontists

Our team here in Loughborough want to help you find your perfect adult brace. Simply click on our contact page for details, and we will arrange a consultation to talk you through your teeth straightening options, covering everything from the cost of braces to which would suit your unique lifestyle.

Wanting more?

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