The popularity behind Invisalign

Big celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Zac Efron and many more have undergone Invisalign treatment and many have used this treatment as an alternative to traditional metal braces. But why is the Invisalign experience so popular amongst teens, adults and many famous celebs? Here are some of the many reasons why Invisalign is the treatment of choice to tackle this common dental dilemma.

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As snug as a bug

As you’d expect, there will be some pressure and possibly a slight pulling sensation when wearing your Invisalign – but this is because the aligners are crafted to use small amounts of pressure to slowly move the teeth into place. Once you are used to wearing your clear aligners for the recommended time, they will start to feel comfortable, while still doing their straightening purpose. Each time you change your Invisalign aligners, you’ll have this feeling of pressure – which means they’re doing their job. The aligners are created with smooth, clear plastic so that they feel soft against the gums and they are designed to fit snugly around your teeth. With consistent use of the aligners, you’re a step closer to getting your dream celeb smile.

On the go

Wearing Invisalign aligners is very convenient, as, with traditional braces, you have to restrict your diet so you won’t damage the wires and brackets. With Invisalign in Loughborough, there is no need to stop eating your favourite foods, you can simply take out your retainers to eat and pop them back in when you’ve finished. When it comes to cleaning time, you can use a retainer solution or warm water to clean the aligners while you’re cleaning your teeth. Once that’s all done, simply pop them back in to continue the straightening process.

Are you wearing Invisalign?

One of the top reasons people wear Invisalign is because they are virtually invisible. People will have to take a closer look to realise you’re wearing them. As they are made from clear plastic, they can blend into your smile. Eventually, the results will speak for themselves and you’ll be able to show off your new smile with pride.

These are only some of the top reasons why people love Invisalign. To find out more, please feel free to get in touch with our highly professional team at Loughborough Orthodontics. They will be delighted to answer any questions you have regarding Invisalign in Loughborough. Better yet, you can find out more information on our Invisalign page

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