Interesting Facts About Clear Braces

You’ve probably heard about Invisalign braces before. Here are a few facts about how they work, what they look like, and why our patients here in Loughborough love them. 

They’re completely clear

Yes, that’s right – transparent. This means they’re not as visible on your smile and make for more discreet treatment. It means both teens and adults can enjoy Invisalign treatment without worrying about what they look like. 

They’re removable

Fixed braces have to be attached and removed by professional orthodontists, whereas Invisalign aligners can be comfortably popped in and out all by yourself. They can even be removed when you eat, which means you don’t have to worry about your diet. 

They’re easy to clean

A soft brush and a cleaning solution (either one for dentures or Invisalign’s cleaning crystals) keep your aligners in tip-top condition and prevent a build-up of bacteria and any potential staining. Don’t use harsh chemicals or even everyday things like toothpaste, as these can damage your aligners. 

They’re loved by celebrities

Not only is Invisalign popular with millions of people around the world, but many celebrities have had treatment, too. Rumour has it that legendary action star, Tom Cruise, and rising singer, Billie Eilish, are among them. 

They’re reliable

Invisalign treatment involves 3D scans of your smile to show how it changes over time. And, each aligner shifts your teeth incrementally. So you’ll have some idea from the outset of treatment as to what your final results will be. 

They’re universal

As we’ve mentioned, both teens and adults can wear Invisalign (subject to a consultation). Teens especially like Invisalign because they can remove the braces at any time. But, for parents’ peace of mind, there’s a blue dot indicator so you know they’re being worn for the right amount of time. 

Braces can treat lots of problems

From bite concerns to gaps and crowding, there’s a lot Invisalign can help treat – and it can even prevent associated complications in the future, such as headaches or jaw pain. Just ask our orthodontists!

Braces can benefit your oral health

By correctly aligning your teeth and preventing gaps or crowding, your smile is much easier to care for, which can also boost your oral health – because there are fewer places for bacteria and food particles to build up.

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