How Long Do Braces Take To Straighten Teeth?

If you’re considering braces for straighter teeth, it pays to do your research. That’s because there are so many teeth straightening options available, including many types of braces available, each with different pros and cons, and price tags attached. Not to mention–every case of teeth straightening is different, so your treatment will be, too. Today, our team of dentists in Loughborough talk through some of our popular brace options, some benefits of each, and the minimum treatment times. Read on to learn how you can straighten your teeth and achieve your dream smile.

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Available options at our dental practice for straighter teeth

As an orthodontist in Loughborough, we believe in giving our patients flexibility and freedom of choice when it comes to their care–though we may gently advise on what we believe is the best option for you, based on our expertise and experience. We currently offer clear braces, Invisalign braces, fixed metal braces and invisible lingual braces, as well as retainers.

1. Clear braces

Clear braces are ceramic-based and clear and are suitable for both teens and adults. Unlike options like Invisalign braces, they are bonded to the teeth with ceramic brackets, however, these are rounded for comfort and are a discreet choice. The minimum treatment time is around 9 months.

2. Invisalign braces

A leading clear brace treatment, these are clear aligners that can be easily removed and are almost visible while worn. Treatment involves cycling through a series of aligners and thanks to clever 3D technology, you’ll see an impression of each stage of treatment and your results. Treatment can take as little as 6 months.

3. Invisible lingual braces

Invisible lingual braces are a combination of wires and gold plates that attach to the back of the teeth, these are a highly discreet option that offers comfortable correction. Usually, treatment takes a minimum of 12 months.

4. Metal fixed braces

Our metal fixed braces are attached to your teeth but have a low profile and smooth edges for a comfortable mouth feel. They are solid and can give a highly predictable treatment timescale. On average, metal fixed braces need to be worn for 18 months for straighter teeth.

5. Retainers

These are slightly different from braces as retainers are designed to be worn after your brace treatment has ended. Some people need to wear a retainer for months all day, while others may be suited to night-time wear.

A final word on teeth straightening

Bear in mind that only your orthodontist in Loughborough can give you an estimated treatment time, as this will be based on your unique smile and needs. While some of our clear braces have a short treatment time, this may not apply to your case.

The right teeth straightening choice for you

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