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Foods To Avoid With Adult Braces

Whether you’ve already started your adult brace treatment here with our orthodontists in Loughborough, or you’re interested in treatment for the future, it’s worth knowing what you can and can’t eat – and whether you’ll need to make any adjustments to your diet.

Before we begin, a word of clarification: some types of adult brace, such as Invisalign, are removable, which means you’ll need to take them out when you eat (although the advantage to this is you can eat what you like!). So, we’ll be focusing on fixed braces and lingual braces in this post.


Not only can these damage your teeth in general, but they can damage your fixed appliances, too. We also warn patients of the effects of nail-biting, pen-chewing and other bad habits on your adult braces.

2)Chewing gum

Our orthodontists usually advocate for chewing sugar-free gum – it’s been shown that it increases saliva production, which can have protective benefits for tooth enamel. In the case of adult braces, however, there’s a big difference – wires, brackets and apparatus that can get sticky gum caught between, which can be difficult even for a seasoned orthodontist to remove. 

3)Hard sweets and candies

Crunchy, chewy sweets can seem almost impossible to resist at times, but again, they can damage your adult braces, which can be costly. Our orthodontists warn against this type of sweet treat – why not tickle your sweet tooth with something softer, like ice cream, instead?


Just like nails and pen lids, ice can be damaging on the teeth (potentially causing fractures, cracks and breaks) and also on your adult braces. Even smaller pieces of ice, like the type you might find at your favourite fast-food restaurant, can be a problem. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy ice in your drink – just don’t chew it!

5)Corn on the cob

Not only can this troublesome food get caught in your adult braces, but it can put pressure on your front teeth. Our advice is to switch to sweetcorn instead.

What’s safe to eat?

On the whole, softer foods are recommended – think pastas, soft fruits, mashed potatoes and yoghurt. If in doubt, talk to your orthodontist.

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