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Fixed braces: concerns and answers

If you’ve never had braces before and you are going to be receiving them or you are thinking of having them, you probably have a ton of questions going around in your head. Everyone’s braces journey is different – it really depends on how much work there is to do and how far the teeth need to be moved. If any of these scenarios happen to you, here’s how you can fix things.

Do the wires poke at your gums?

When you have had your braces on for a bit of time, you may start to notice that the wire has become longer. This is because your teeth have begun to move, straightening out the wire, making the wire appear longer at each side of the fitted brace. This wire may start to poke at the gums casing some minor discomfort. To solve this issue, you can use dental wax to cover over the wire to stop it from rubbing on the gums. This may also mean that it’s time for you to visit your orthodontist again so they can either cut down the wire-ends or fit you with a thicker wire.

Will I have white squares on my teeth?

Once the braces have been removed, some people fear that they will have white squares on their teeth from where the bracket have been stuck to the tooth. This is possible if your oral hygiene is neglected throughout the straightening process, so to avoid this from happening you need to:

  • Brush and floss as required – this helps to get rid of any food or bacteria that been stuck on your teeth throughout the day.
  • Using a fluoride toothpaste – this helps to prevent the build-up of plaque by creating a protective barrier.
  • Staying away from staining foods/drinks – consumables such as coffee, tea, wine, curry etc as these items can heighten your chances of having stained teeth.

Can my teeth move back after braces?

It is possible for your teeth to move back to their original position if you do not wear the retainer given. This retainer has been given to you so that your teeth stay in their new positions. By wearing this for the required time, your teeth will have less of a chance to move around. Wearing your retainer every night after your required duration will maximise your chances of retaining your straight and perfect-looking smile. You can also request, or it will be advised to you to have a fixed retainer to maximise the chances of maintaining your great smile for longer.

If you have any more questions on fixed braces, adult braces or any other straightening process we offer here at our Loughborough dental practice, please do not hesitate to get in touch – our team at Loughborough Orthodontics would be happy to give you the answers you need.