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Facts About Invisalign Braces

Why have Invisalign braces? Well, in today’s post, our orthodontists here in Loughborough hope to answer that question – and many more – surrounding this incredible treatment. Read on for some fascinating facts about it, shared by our top dentists. 

#1: Invisalign creates incredible smiles

Surely the most important thing about Invisalign is its transformational results. Millions of people all over the world have enjoyed the effects of these clear, comfortable braces, discovering a brand new smile and a confident glow. 

#2: It can boost your oral health

As if straightening your smile wasn’t enough, Invisalign can also help create the perfect spacing between teeth. Too many gaps trap food; not enough space creates problems with brushing. Once you’ve had treatment, you may find teeth easier to clean and care for, with a healthier smile to show for it. 

#3: Invisalign can treat bite problems

While on the surface, your bite may not be causing issues, in the long run, there can be complications – from jaw pain and headaches, to wear and tear of the teeth. Whatever the type of bite problem, Invisalign can likely help correct it. 

#4: It is easy to look after

With removable braces, all you need to do is take them out for eating and teeth cleaning. While you’ll still need to clean your teeth, unlike fixed braces, you won’t be having to navigate wires and brackets. You’ll also be able to use a cleaning solution (dentures or Invisalign crystals) every few days, which helps keep them extra clean and fresh.

#5: Invisalign is available for teens and adults

Many adults don’t realise that braces can be an option for their smiles, thinking that orthodontics is only available to children and teenagers. However, orthodontists have offered clear braces to a variety of cases and ages, all around the world – and it’s even favoured by celebrities, with Tom Cruise, Serena Williams and Eva Longoria all rumoured to have tried the treatment. 

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