Choosing Your Brace

There’s a whole world of braces out there, contrary to popular belief – and we at Loughborough Orthodontics can help you make the right choice for your smile. Of the many types of brace around, there are always factors you need to weigh up when making your decision. For instance, is it necessary that the brace is removable? Or do you want something clear and discreet? And, it’s key to consider comfort, too. But whatever works for you, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. That’s why we decided to put this post together – helping you with choosing your brace and informing you about what’s out there.


This big-name brand is a global business that’s treated millions of patients with their clever clear braces. In fact, Invisalign has even trended on the celebrity circuit (Billie Eilish alluded to these adult braces in a song, while it’s even been reported that Tom Cruise gave them a go). Most people love them because they’re almost invisible, and they can be taken out, too – so it makes eating and drinking a doddle, and those one-off special events (we’re thinking prom or wedding) possible!

Invisalign can be a bit cumbersome when it comes to cleaning, as the brand recommends a special solution – and you’ll still have to brush and floss your teeth as usual. But they’re definitely a comfortable option for adult braces, and most people love them for the fact that they can see how their teeth change throughout treatment, thanks to the clever 3D imagery involved.

Lingual braces

These adult braces are fixed to the back of your teeth for a more subtle approach to Orthodontics. You might need to get used to the sensation of having them on your teeth and adjusting your speech, but this is true of all braces, to an extent. It can be tricky to get used to brushing too, as they are on the back surfaces, but again, in time, you’ll adapt. One of the big bonuses of these braces is that they’re suitable for all ages, so your teen could benefit just as much as you! And, we use the Incognito brand, which avoids using nickel (a metal which many can be allergic too).

NHS braces

Now we come onto NHS braces, the fixed type most automatically think of. If cost is a driving factor for you, these can be a much cheaper alternative to other kinds of Orthodontics, and if you’re 18 or younger, you could even get them free (we can chat to you about this). As they’re made of metal, they’re very obvious, and it can be strange to get used to wearing them – especially as you can’t take them out. However, NHS braces have been refined over the years and are a lot more comfy than they used to be, and it’s actually become pretty normalised to wear braces over the years.

Get some guidance

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