All about Incognito Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are thankfully an appliance of the present and not the future. For all suitable patients here in Loughborough, we offer discrete braces that are attached to the backs of your teeth for the utmost treatment discretion. If you’re curious about this treatment and are considering straightening your teeth, then allow us to introduce you to Incognito invisible braces.

Your Incognito overview

Incognito braces involve custom-made gold plates and guiding wires fixed to the backs of your teeth. These plates generate pressure to guide your teeth into a straighter position without the need for immediately visible brace systems on the front-facing surfaces of your teeth.

The benefits of Incognito braces

  • They are the only 100% customisable invisible braces system on the market today.
  • Your visible results may be achieved in a comparatively shorter time to traditional braces.
  • You can still smile without worrying your braces are showing, as they are nearly entirely invisible from the front.
  • They achieve reliable and predictable corrections to all manner of misaligned tooth positions.
  • They are suitable for both adults and teenagers.

Incognito invisible braces FAQs

Will my speech be affected? – You should allow yourself and your teeth to get used to the braces, as every patient reacts differently. Most people don’t experience a change in their speech, but those that do find that it is only temporary, and it lessens with each passing day.

Are invisible braces painful? – Just like traditional braces, your tongue, lips, and teeth may be a bit sore for the first two weeks. This is just while you adjust to the new material being introduced in your mouth. We’ll provide you with plenty of guidance on how to adjust to your new Loughborough braces and lessen any uncomfortable sensations during treatment, including aftercare advice.

Other treatment options

If for whatever reason the Incognito braces system isn’t suitable for you, our Loughborough dental practice also offers two other kinds of invisible braces: Invisalign, and Clarity Advanced. We aim to always provide a range of treatments that are suitable for as many patients as possible so that you can receive the right treatment for your teeth and needs.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel great about their smile, which is why Loughborough Orthodontics take extra steps to make our braces systems as accessible as possible.

Invisible braces in Loughborough

If you are considering straightening your teeth in Loughborough, contact Loughborough Orthodontics today at 01509 261006 to arrange your initial consultation.

Book consultation

Discuss your options with Dr. Gosal and his professional team and decide what teeth straightening option is suitable for you. The consultation process involves an initial full assessment, followed by full records and X-rays followed by a further detailed discussion to provide you with a bespoke treatment plan and a thorough breakdown of your brace options. There is absolutely no obligation.

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