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Do invisible braces exist?

This sounds like a thing of the future, right? Invisible braces, flying cars, hover boots… No doubt you know of braces that are metal and stand in stark contrast to your teeth. They’re fixed, they’re noticeable, they’re notoriously uncomfortable. What if there were companies that rewrote the rules of orthodontics and braces to deliver invisible braces? Well, that’s just what they’ve done…

Here at Loughborough Orthodontics, we offer three different types of invisible braces.



Invisalign are one of the industry’s favourite invisible braces brand. Using custom aligners or clear plastic that are moulded from your teeth, you can straighten your teeth much more comfortably than traditional and fixed braces would allow. One of the great things about this brace system is that they’re removable. Because they’re aligners that fit to the bottom and top rows of your teeth, you can remove them like a gum shield. This means there’s no need to limit your diet or social life, because your treatment will still be on track as long as you wear them for the recommended 22 hours per day. They don’t mar your smile because a) they’re clear plastic, so practically invisible, and b) you can take them out anyway!

Clarity Advanced ceramic brackets

The Clarity Advanced ceramic brackets system is a fixed brace system that resembles the fixed, metal NHS braces we all know and love, but with one small twist. The brackets that would otherwise be metal or a coloured material are ceramic and therefore tooth coloured, meaning the fixed braces blend into your smile pretty effectively. The more noticeable part of the brace is the metal wire, which is still metal, but the ceramic brackets help what would be deemed the more stand-out part of the braces to blend into your smile.

Incognito braces

These invisible braces are truly something to marvel at. While they are not removable like Invisalign and they are fixed to your teeth, they’re capable of the upmost discretion. How do they achieve this, surely fixed braces are immediately visible? Well, the Incognito appliance system bonds brackets, arch wires, and bonding trays to the backs of your teeth. This means that you can still straighten your teeth with reliable fixed braces while maintaining an unencumbered and un-accessorised smile.


Do invisible braces still deliver results?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that braces that step out of traditional modes and features don’t create the same results that the tried and tested ones do. In fact, invisible braces still deliver great teeth straightening treatment and even improve your bite. The only difference between them and the treatment that traditional braces offer is that they achieve their results in a much more discreet fashion. This is why they’re popular with adults considering braces as well as teenagers, because they are capable of making the wearer so much less self-conscious of their treatment. They still improve your dental health, they still better your bite, and they still deliver excellent results.

If you’re seeking invisible braces in Loughborough, let the professionals at Loughborough Orthodontics advise you on the best braces system for you. Book your initial consultation today on 01509 261006.