Why Can’t I Have Adult Braces?

It’s a question so many of our patients worry about – they want straighter teeth, but are concerned they won’t be able to have adult braces. Of course, there are situations where this happens, but our Loughborough orthodontists often find you can have braces. In this post, we’ll talk about which factors come into play when assessing your eligibility for adult braces.

1.Existing dental work

If you’ve had dental implants, dental bridges or any other permanent changes to your smile, braces may not be advised because they do change the position of your teeth. If in doubt, check with your orthodontist – and bear in mind that the first step of the process, a dental assessment, can help determine suitability.

2.Oral health problems

If you have gum disease, missing teeth or periodontitis, it may not be advisable to have braces. Mild cases of gum disease can be treated, but it’s best to book in with your orthodontist to find out more about this and how they can help, as well as any changes you need to do.

3.You don’t need adult braces

In some cases, you may have a crooked tooth or just a couple of teeth out of line – and there are cases where a different treatment may be recommended over adult braces, such as veneers. Your orthodontist will always explain your options to you.

4.You’re happy with your smile without braces

If you have relatively straight teeth with no oral problems, then teeth straightening in Loughborough with adult braces may simply not be necessary. As part of our commitment to dental excellence, we will never recommend a treatment to a patient where it’s not needed. On the flip side, many patients want braces because of the confidence they help restore, as well as the aesthetics of a straighter smile. 


While we do offer finance to help spread the cost of your adult braces treatment, not everyone is eligible – for example, it’s only available to those over the age of 21. We can find out whether you’re eligible for finance while in practice, through an online check. Bear in mind this check may affect your credit score.

Find out more about adult braces in Loughborough

All in all, most patients who enquire about adult braces will be suitable – but our orthodontist’s assessment helps determine whether they are the right choice for you. To find out whether adult braces are recommended for you and your smile, contact our practice Loughborough Orthodontics, here in Loughborough today to secure an appointment.

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