Why are Invisalign braces so popular?

As an orthodontist in Loughborough, we help people of all ages achieve their dream smiles. One of the ways we do this is through Invisalign braces, a treatment which revolutionised braces and has gone on to treat millions of people all around the world.

Invisalign braces have been popular from the start, and with so many fantastic benefits, it’s easy to see why. Today, we will cover just why they are so enduring and all the advantages you could enjoy with this treatment.

Invisalign at Loughborough Orthodontics

Invisalign explained

Before we get into the benefits of Invisalign, let’s go over how they work. After a consultation here in Loughborough, we’ll go ahead and scan your smile with a special device that then links up to a computer to plot how your teeth will need to be repositioned. Each tiny movement is then captured in a series of clear aligners – the Invisalign brace themselves – which adjust teeth incrementally for a more comfortable treatment and allow you to see results as they develop. The technology also gives you a preview of your predicted results.

Benefits of Invisalign braces

There is a lot to love about Invisalign. The main reason our patients choose them here in Loughborough is because, like the treatment, your results will be predictable. People like seeing how their smile changes and having the final image for what it will eventually look like. Invisalign braces also feature an app for tracking and sharing your progress.

Our patients also love how convenient Invisalign braces are. Because they’re removable, you can take them out whenever you like – for instance, when you eat. And they’re simple to care for, with crystals to soak them in, and gentle brushing to keep them clean.

These are just a handful of reasons why Invisalign braces remain one of the top choices for orthodontic treatment both in Loughborough and even around the world.

Invisalign’s growing popularity

Owing to a large number of successful treatments around the world – Invisalign says they’ve helped more than 5 million smiles – you may well know someone who has had these braces before. And, they’re also loved by celebrities like Tom Cruise and Kendall Jenner. You’ll be amazed at what they can do for you.

Invisalign braces treatment in Loughborough

Now you know more about Invisalign treatment, we’d love to welcome you to our dental practice to show you how we could help create your dream smile. Speak to our team to arrange a personal consultation and start your Invisalign braces journey today.

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