Foods To Avoid With Fixed Braces

Thinking of fixed braces? Need some general advice and tips about everyday wear? Or just interested in learning something new about this fascinating area of dentistry? Then read on – today’s post is all about a few dos and don’ts of wear and things to avoid, as well as the fantastic benefits of fixed braces.   

So, what should I avoid eating?

As a general rule of thumb, hard and sticky foods are a no-no. Crunchy things could damage your braces, while sticky foods can get stuck in the intricate wires, brackets and elastics that make up your fixed brace. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Nuts, hard sweets, popcorn, crisps and ice
  • Hard bread rolls, crusts and bagels
  • Crackers and pretzels
  • Chewing gum and chewy sweets

What about things I can eat?

Soft foods are ideal. These could include:

  • Soft dairy products, like cheeses, yoghurts and dairy-based desserts
  • Soft fruits and vegetables (especially cooked)
  • Eggs, seafood, pasta and mashed potatoes
  • Liquid-based foods, such as smoothies and soups
Image of fruit - Foods to eat when undergoing orthodontic treatment

What about drinks?

Bear in mind that some drinks are bad for our teeth. That’s because they may be acidic, and break down enamel over time. Or, they might be high in sugar, coating our teeth in sticky plaque. Keeping on top of your oral health is much more difficult with fixed braces, as you have to clean around the apparatus. Some drinks you should avoid include:

  • Sweet, fizzy drinks
  • Citrus drinks – juices, for example
  • Tea and coffees, if sweetened with sugar

Plain water is often what’s best for your mouth, teeth and gums!

How do I clean my teeth when wearing fixed braces?

Adult braces can be tricky to clean around, which is why orthodontists often suggest cleaning an extra time each day for the duration of your treatment (three times per day, rather than two). You might also have more regular check-ups, though this depends on your orthodontist’s recommendation. Here are some tips:

  • Floss between your teeth, and remove bits of food from around your wires
  • Use fluoride mouthwash between brushings to further clean the teeth
  • Chew towards the back of your braces to avoid food getting stuck in the front area (which could also damage them over time)

What’s my next step?

We’re here to help – wherever you are in your fixed brace journey. For all things orthodontics, think Loughborough Orthodontics. Our team of trained, skilled and experienced orthodontists will be happy to hear from you!

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