Fixed Metal Braces: How To Handle Your Silver Smile

Fixed metal braces, also commonly called ‘train tracks’, are one of the most effective ways to straighten out any smile imperfections. Once you undergo teeth straightening in Loughborough, you will need to start to get your head around a new routine that fits around the maintenance of your newly placed braces. Here are some tips to help you get through your straightening experience with ease. 

Optimise your oral hygiene

To optimise your oral hygiene, you will want to start off with the basics first. Brushing and flossing twice a day will help to remove any unwanted bacteria and stuck foods from your teeth and braces. Now, to optimise your oral hygiene you could use something called an interdental brush. These micro-brushes will help you to get in between the gaps of your braces, removing any sticky food that’s lodged between the wires and brackets. Brushing your teeth after every meal can also help to keep your teeth feeling fresh and clean all day long. 

Tailor your diet to your metal braces

Although braces are strong enough to change the structure of your smile, they aren’t so touchy when they collide with some specific foods. When hard or chewy food comes into contact with your metal braces, it can cause the wires to move or the brackets to pop loose. Really hard foods can also cause the brace to break, causing a halt to the straightening process until a dentist can fix them again. We advise you to stay away from hard foods such as apples, hard baguettes, nuts and sticky foods such as chewing gum, toffee, gummy sweets, and anything that could possibly cause harm to the brace itself.

Embrace the brace  

To make the most out of your straightening process with fixed metal braces, we recommend you come to our orthodontist in Loughborough for regular check-ups and adjustments. This assures you and the dentist that you’re getting the most out of your straightening experience. The dentist will then also be able to determine how long you will need to wear your braces, giving you any necessary tips to make sure the health and structure of your smile are improving after every visit. 

If you are considering straightening your teeth with fixed metal braces in Loughborough, contact Loughborough Orthodontics today at 01509 261006 to arrange your initial consultation. Our team can’t wait to help you start the first chapter of your smile success story. For even more information on metal braces in Loughborough, visit our braces page on our website

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