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Caring for your fixed braces

When someone has fixed adult braces, they need to take care of their teeth more often than they usually would with their normal teeth. The brace can block access to the gaps in your teeth making it much harder to get into every nook and cranny. If you have fixed braces, we at Loughborough Orthodontics have some tips to share that you may find useful.

Brush and floss when necessary

We all brush our teeth to keep them clean, but it’s a little more complicated when you add braces to the equation. Be gentle when brushing your braces, as it’s very easy to accidentally pop off a bracket or move the wire with harsh brushing.  Gentle brushing can allow the surface of the teeth to be cleared of bacteria – however, because the wires are covering the gaps, it’s hard to brush in between the teeth. This is where flossing comes in. Flossing helps gets rid of any food that’s been left either between your teeth or stuck in the adult brace itself.

Eat the correct foods

We all love a chewy sweet or a lovely slice of pizza, but you may have to keep clear of any sticky, crunchy or hard food though the duration of your treatment. Sticky foods can easily stick to the brackets and wires of your adult braces, making it difficult to clean off. Crunchy and hard foods, like baguettes and apples, are also examples to avoid, as foods like these can put pressure on the braces, leading to the movement of the wire and the potential loss of brackets. If a bracket has come loose or has completely been detached from the tooth, you’ll need to pop in and see us at Loughborough Orthodontics as soon as possible to get it fixed. Eating the right foods will mean it’s less likely for you to come in for an urgent appointment and will help the straightening process continue without delays.

Wax is your friend

If you start to notice some prodding in the back of your cheek or on your gums, it may mean a wire has come loose or the wire is becoming too long and may need changing. While waiting for an appointment, you can use dental wax to cover over the wire where the area of discomfort is. This acts as a shield to keep your gums from touching that area until you next visit your orthodontist.

If you need more information on adult braces, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Loughborough Orthodontics.