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5 Signs You Need Adult Braces

How do you know if you need adult braces? Well, there are actually lots of signs that you need treatment. In this post, our orthodontists outline 5 common signs (or reasons) you may need adult braces.

1)Teeth that don’t meet properly (or at all)

Often referred to as ‘bite’, this details lots of problems your teeth can have with meeting and closing. These include overbite and underbite, crossbite (a combination) and even open bite. Your orthodontist can help assess your smile and if your teeth don’t meet properly, adult braces can be a way to correct the problem. If left untreated, bite problems can cause jaw pain and difficulty eating further down the line.

2)Crowded teeth (or gaps)

While a common dental problem, crowding should be identified and treated as early as possible by your orthodontist – it can actually affect your oral health in the future. That’s because crowded teeth can be difficult to clean effectively, so bacteria can build up without you even knowing, causing decay to set in. Similarly, gaps can lead to tooth decay, as the spaces make for perfect little nooks and crannies for bacteria and food to accumulate in over time.

3)Chewing & eating problems

Whether it’s because of your bite or another issue, the result is that you might have problems eating and chewing food. This can cause stress on other teeth and even pain, not to mention affect what you might be able to eat in your everyday diet.

4)Jaw problems

In serious cases, problems with your teeth can cause your jaw to shift or click, which not only affects the alignment of your jaw and teeth, but could cause abnormal growth. Ultimately, this can make the jaw difficult and painful to move, and can cause discomfort around the ears and jaw joints.

5)Extra teeth

If you have extra teeth, it can cause crowding in your mouth. It’s even possible that extra teeth can wear on the surrounding cheeks or roof of the mouth, or could develop tumours as time goes by. And, of course, there’s the possibility that they could make cleaning your teeth more difficult, which affects your oral health.

Adult braces with Loughborough Orthodontics

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