5 Benefits Of Dental Implants

Welcome to this month’s blog, where we’ll be discussing dental implants, on offer at our Loughborough dental practice. Whether you’re new to dental implants or you’re well into considering treatment, we hope we can help educate you on how they look and function, as well as ways to keep your smile healthier for the future. Read on to find our five favourite benefits. 

A woman having dental implants at Loughborough Orthodontics

#1: Discreet Dental Implants Treatment

The treatment process for dental implants involves making an incision in your gum, gently inserting the root of the tooth implant, and then fitting a temporary crown. Once healed, a ceramic, permanent crown is placed. Thanks to the skill and process, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to tell you’re undergoing implant treatment – or that you have a false tooth once it’s finished! Even better, the procedure is classed as non-invasive surgery, which means recovery time is usually comparatively speedy. 

#2: Lifelike Appearance

Part of the draw to tooth implants is how realistic they appear – even being able to be matched to the rest of your smile for a seamless look. Whether you’re replacing one tooth or many teeth, there’s no other treatment that looks as lifelike and don’t forget that tooth implants are a permanent solution, too. 

#3: Incredible Function

We like to say dental implants look and act the part. That’s because they’re strong and durable – just as much as your natural teeth are. You’ll not only be filling that gap in your smile but restoring biting and chewing functions. That means no food needs to be off the menu ever again!

#4: Dental Implants are Easy To Care For

Just like your natural teeth, regular brushing and flossing will keep your tooth implants bright, white and shiny. You don’t need to do anything extra to your normal oral routine. But, we do suggest regular dental check-ups at our Loughborough dental practice to ensure your new teeth are doing their job! 

#5: Anti-Ageing Qualities

Did you know that dental implants could make you appear younger? That’s because missing teeth can cause the skin around the lips and mouth to sag. Replacing your teeth gives the face a better structure and so can lift the skin back into its natural position. The effects are more noticeable if you’re replacing one or both sets of teeth, or a row of teeth, rather than a single tooth. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your dental implant consultation at our Loughborough dental practice today!

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